My experience with ShinyApps

Maybe you have seen the draft version of this page before, but I have finally finished my first online, interactive visualization using ShinyApps package based on R: This visualization project is about performance of MVP players in NBA history, which is part of my final poster of Information Visualization class that is discussed in my previous post.

Visualization: How Top Movies Are Ranked in IMDB and Douban

As someone who have strong interests in both top lists and movies and who come from China (not so much for the latter though), one question I have been curious about is what are the differences between the ways how people perceive movies in China and elsewhere in the world. 

Visualization Poster: NBA in History

This graph is my final poster for the Information Visualization class I took in the last semester of my MLIS program. (To view the full-size JPG file, please click here.)

Like through this class, this graph is made in R and Illustrator. (I tried to use R to finish almost everything. But as a poster, it is hard not to use Illustrator to combine different sections together.)

My First Analysis and Visualization on a Library Operational Dataset

During taking Visualization class and Statistics One MOOC this semester, I always wanted to apply what I learnt from these classes to real world library data. Moreoever, even though publishing datasets online is pretty common in the US, it's not so frequent that libraries publish their data online from where I come.

Visualization for librarians: why we should care and how?

According to Wikipedia, information visualization is “the study of (interactive) visual representations of abstract data to reinforce human cognition”. Sometimes, this area is also called data visualization or named after certain kinds of visualization products, like infographic. To build upon the definition on Wikipedia, it’s probably safer to include non-interactive visual presentations as part of this field, as is presented by infographics.

But why do people like using and consuming visual information?